So what's so supposed to happen with all these orange bikes when the racks are full? I've already seen people trying to lock them up to the next nearest thing, at that time, it was the blue bike posts. It was funny too watching the panic on the person's face. What about bike helmet safety? Ah fuck it.
My heart aches for service animals, horses, mules, guide dogs, etc. I hope they are treated with lots of love.
When I hear someone say try to write coherently, I want to say why are you so dumb that you can't use creative thinking to understand or interpret the meaning?
For you people that let your dogs walk without leashes on busy streets, I really hope your dog doesn't get hit, but I really hope you get hit.
A holiday is great for people that already do nothing so they can do more nothing, but they feel like they're doing something, like a vacation from all that nothing.
I saw you Mr. Namaste Perv checking out that chick breastfeeding. Your head practically did a 360 turn, with your beard and pony tail hair head. You know you do yoga because you're a pervert. Is that what it means to be so spiritual with body and mind to cleanse all negative thoughts and emotions to be a pervert?