I purposefully sit in certain seats on the bus so I can be alone, or as far away from people as possible. I deliberately do the same at movie theaters. I intentionally will find seats/tables in a restaurant/café/library in a dark corner or again, as far away from people as possible. That is, if I have to eat there, otherwise, I'm getting it to go. Except bars, I sit at the bar, and anyone can sit next to me. You see, that's my happy time. Otherwise, I intentionally walk on the other side of the street that most people are walking. I definitely walk to the other side of the street try to avoid people sitting on their porches, yards, or smoking that cigarette on the sidewalk.
Wanna know why? You people are annoying. I choose these circumstances because I want to be left alone.
But you know what? Someone will come sit right next to me on the bus and yap ever so loudly on their phone. As the story goes, the tallest person with the biggest hat will sit in front of me at the movie theater that is empty, by the way. Someone stinky will plop down next to me at the library, or have to belch, grunt, sigh their stink breath constantly. People will bump me on the street. People will stare as I walk by. Take a picture. Like at 12:30 at night, on my street, some lurker is standing in the darkness of a tree. I can't even be alone at that hour. The downtown 7-11, Safeway, library get ready to be hassled. Someone kill me or I'm moving to the country. Leave me alone!