$1,695 for a 1 bedroom on Lombard? Are you high? I know the Smoke Buddy Shack is down the street but this is rediculous! You guys must be from out of town. Let me guess: Frisco? L.A.? I was born in Portland and I've lived here for most of my life and I've never seen it like this. I've been priced out of every neighborhood except for St. Johns and now here you are driving up the rents and turning St. johns into the next Division St. or Pearl District. Your driving rents sky high and gentrifying previously low income neighborhoods thus pushing people out to the numbers or onto the streets. Yes, you and your buddies are partly resposible for the homeless boom. There used to be cheap, affordable housing for those on social security until you bought it all up and developed it. Now all they can afford is a cheap R.V. and a 40oz of Old English. P.S. Lay off the bong rips and micro-brews, it's fried your brain.