To the 20-something wannabe “biker” who was passing stopped cars on the right at red lights on Alberta last weekend on his motorcycle: learn the law or go back to riding your fixie. When I pulled up to you as you were parking and called you out, your response of “it’s legal for motorcycles to do that” is completely wrong. No, you can’t creep along between a line of 5 stopped cars and the curb and/or parked cars on a narrow street, only to pop out into the crosswalk and position your douchemobile in front of the first car in line (while completely blocking the crosswalk) and wait for the light to turn green. Much less on a crowded street like Alberta. Hopefully your complete lack of common sense and knowledge of the law is an isolated case and isn’t widespread among the increasing number of bros on bikes I am seeing around town. I am sorry that your previous efforts at gaining masculinity by wearing never-before-worked-in Redwing boots, lumberjack shirts, etc. have failed and you are now turning to motorcycle ownership to fill the void, but please learn how to safely ride.