Über Nightmare


you suffer from a problem of your own making. i travel for work--a lot. relying on a taxi to get you to the airport? Good luck--taxi will arrive sometime between 30 minutes and NEVER. Calling dispatch to check on status of taxi -- "Driver should be there soon." WTF does "soon" mean? Calling dispatch again to check on status of driver--*sound of phone ringing in an empty room*. trying to get more than four people downtown for dinner? "We only have 1 car that can handle a group your size--he should be free in 2 hours." taxi service in this town sucked, and continues to suck. if the service is shitty, people don't use the service. If somebody's doing something better, the market shows. if you have a problem with the differing regs, your beef is with the lawmakers, not the customers. we're just trying to get from A to B in a reliable and predictable manner.
I am still too afraid a killer will pick me up. I think yellow cab is safest.
self driving cars will be here soon. both the taxi drivers and the uber/lyft drivers need to start thinking about alternative ways to make a living.
When Uber replaces all their drivers with driverless cars, can we finally retire the bullshit term "sharing economy"?