How Human Are You?


I think outsiders moving to Portland is what's best for Portland. I'm sure the high school graduation rate is improving not because local kids are studying more... It's because the transplants moving here have kids. They same people with money also care about education. Thank the transplants for improving the public school system, not locals.
Is the public school system improving? What is the evidence for this?
I think when people chose to move to an area, it is for their personal rights. This is the first rant I have seen in a long time, that is not blaming the transplants for everything that has and will go wrong.
@PandaPDX How has the PPS system improved??? The Super is being fired (reported as early retirement but we know how the system works) for a woeful job at her post the last few years. What's the graduation rates across the system? What's the state SAT scores looking like nowadays?? I read that they are culturally biased and kids of color increasingly fail it.
What the fuck is IA saying? Comparing Californians to Syrian refugees?? Those people are watching their kids be blown to shreds. Why don't you roll out to plaid pantry and buy another bag of fried dicks to munch on? (no offense to legitimate lovers of dick) Another fake IA from our good friend JTR sitting on his fat ass come crusted computer chair. Thanks for giving us our daily dose of barf, you Trump-loving piece of sack of shit.
AChorizogrande - PPS system will improve in time. Can't fix it overnight. Yet it's been shit for more than 20 years.