Fuck You, Breeder


I/A, don't worry about explaining yourself. You sound like a person that is going to do what you want to do.
Agreed, I/A. Agreed.
Question: Why should I pay taxes for your ambulance when you stroke out over this shit?
You won't have to Aurelis141. They can afford insurance.
Pollo, really?? Aside from outing yourself as the author of this IA, you've spotlighted the whole failure of your argument. You're paying ten times more for personal health insurance than it costs for centralized health care because THE INSURANCE COMPANIES GET ALL THE MONEY. Every other civilized country in the world has realized this (and most of the "uncivilized" ones too). You could be paying so much less for your own healthcare AND that of your neighbors kids to have health care and a proper education so that someone is there to resuscitate when you inevitably have a heart attack over hating every one. Just think of all the bacon maple doughnuts you could buy with that money!
Yeah I've never bought into the idea, couples or single women that have children are special just for wanting and having a kid. There are so many terrible reasons for having kids. To save a failing marriage, just brings an innocent bystander into your terrible home life. Birthing your farmhands or house servants is another stupid and selfish idea. Then there's abuse...it almost always comes along after the birth of just a tax deduction or welfare check voucher. I understand it's a big sacrifice to raise a child properly.....that means with love and nurturing (boy there's a meaningless trendy word), but you don't deserve our respect for just having the child. If you're a good parent then I'll give you my respect....because that's the way I roll. If you got stuck with a child, rose to the occasion and are doing a good job parenting then kudos to you also.

You certainly don't deserve our wrath for having a kid or not having a kid. Both sides of that argument are pathetic. Contributing to overpopulation or running up our public school costs is just as stupid a slur as saying non-parents are selfish cold and sad. Jeez....Commenters on both sides of this issue are like clucking hens. Your mouths are yapping and always pecking in the dirt.
Do a lot of people have kids because that's what you're supposed to do? Probably one of the worse reasons to do it.
i don't think this will be a problem for you. i can't imagine any sane person wanting to have a child with you.
Lol, I didn't write this. I'm just living the life of someone who has chosen not to have kids Aurelius141, like quite a few women these days. It pretty great, not having to having to depend on your life being subsidized by others and not having to worry if your kids have enough to eat or can you afford their needs and wants. But I do agree we need a single payer health care system and STAT! Health care should be a right, not a luxury as it currently is. And I don't hate everyone, just people who think fulfilling your most basic instincts makes you a special snowflake and then hates on those who don't. Just returning the hate. Like a reflector.
Very good and agreeable points there pollo. I sincerely appreciate the time you took to articulate this, and very well at that. I think I had you confused with someone else who regularly gets on here and spews hatred directed at children simply for being children. For that I apologize. Some people hate children because they were hated as a child and I despise the perpetuation of this type of abuse, which is sometimes mental and sometimes physical, and almost always passive aggressive. But if you know someone who thinks they are God Almighty himself just because they had a kid then by all means rant away. I do suggest simply staying away from these kinds of people because they will make you negative by proxy and I've seen you write some great shit. Peace
To be fair, the author of "Breeding the Future" never criticized people who decide not to have children. She just expressed that she was tired of being ostracized for having children. Its one thing to decide either way for yourself, entirely different to actively hate on people who went the other way. The human world needs humans (the natural world was evidently quite content without them) so humans have to come from somewhere. This is why I mentioned the point that if corporate health insurance companies werent sucking up 90% of our Healthcare budget, there would be plenty to go around for breeders and non breeders alike.
Thanks Aurelius141. Wish I could agree that was well articulated, but typing that out on my phone left my grammar wanting. Obamacare didn't do what was needed to solve our health care problem, other than take away the preexisting condition exclusion. I think everyone would be a lot more understanding of each other if there was an equal opportunity to have our basic needs met. Hell, I'd probably have two rugrats of my own if that was the case. I'll end this before I make a ringing endorsement for the Communist party. President Trump will probably make hanging internet commies a goal for his first 100 days.