Black Is the Old Black


Maybe because they don't want to have gigantic visible sweat stains and/or they don't want to look like some roided out micropenis monster truck driving hillbilly bro douchebag?
Or maybe they have a different degree of perspiring than you. Unless they are offensive to small children, you should not be concerned.
Let he/she/both who is without sin cast the first sweat stained thong/jockstrap/boxer short. Be cool man anyway you can. I'm old and have the baddest freakin ponytail you ever saw. It's grey/blonde and you've never imagined a purrtier sheen. Do you youngins still use that snappy word? Sheen.....or is that now the twitterm for mean girl?
Well I think... Oh sorry I was trying to respond to a post that was actually written by someone who was making a point and not nose deep in their phone desperately trying to be validated for their vacuous, ineffectual excuse for human thought.
I've lived in South Louisiana, Tennessee, and briefly in Arizona. This "heat" wave really wasn't that hot. I wore jeans all the way through, and on Friday wore a black t-shirt. I do this magical thing called hydrating. People in the south and southwest don't have to come up with 21-day fix water challenges just to drink some water.

Some people just look cooler in black. Don't hate the game. You were probably cussing at the sun from your AC in your shit of a ride.
It really isn't all that hot cry babies, most of these people are probably from Texas, or California where it actually gets hot for long periods of time.
why do you give a damn about what other people wear? just curious.