I can't wait for the dark, cold rain to come and the magnificent summer to end. I'm so so so so so soooo sick, tired, and disgusted of seeing all these hopeless and aimless "street" people walking around, sitting on all street corners, and at all hours of the day. I'm tired of being hassled for money, food, or cigarettes. Especially the park blocks, man. You can't even walk down that beautiful path in the summer to enjoy the light and trees without seeing awful behavior, constant trash in litter or human waste, and aimless souls sitting there all day and night. All the same people. There's a little spot near OMSI that has completely become a landfill. Come on! Getting a job? Now's the time, but nosiree, not in the summer. Let's just make Portland summers in downtown unpleasant, and a destination for trash not tourists. Within 5 seconds of standing at work in downtown, there were 2 separate guys swearing to the heavens, one of em swearing at a lamp. There was another guy speeding downhill in his wheelchair. You can not, but can not, I mean absolutely can't find a place to sit or stand in peace in downtown during the summer. One thing's sure, it will be worse next year because it is bad this year compared to last. Endless war, yup, not an endless summer but please end this summer.