At this current moment, you are a *cyclist*: an individual using a bicycle—a method of transportation and source of enjoyment which many of us hold close to our hearts, to behave (in traffic) like a complete moron. You, and some others, tend to frequent this mode of conveyance during the spring and summer months, and your cycling journeys include such stylistic highlights as asserting yourself at the front of every intersection (usually inside of, or in front of, a crosswalk), passing other cyclists on the right (only OK in equally idiotic left-hand bike lanes…looking at you, N. Williams St.), unsafely running red lights & stop signs (like when when traffic is present and has the right-of-way), unsafe/violent interactions with motorized traffic, general poor handling, riding, and navigational skills resulting in swerving, unanticipated lane changes/turns, and/or incompetent assessments of speeds and distance on the roadway.

I like to ride a bike fast. It's fucking fun, but not appropriate on the Broadway bridge path at 5PM. I ride recreationally and rely on a bicycle to get around every damn day. I value respect from motorists and try to ensure that they understand my place/rights on the roadway in both contexts. I don’t mention my own experiences to make me sound like an authority, but suffice it to say that from my perspective, you’re making *cyclists* look like complete assholes.

Whether in a car, on a bike, or anywhere-fucking-else, please don’t be a dick.