Just let it go dudes. You used to be cool. You used to be fun. People liked you. Sure, there'd be some disagreements from time to time, but you were still fun to be around. Now look what you've become. A nobody, and nobody wants to hang out with you anymore. Sure, some people will swing by and offer some nonsense, but none of them are truly invested in the relationship. It's probably because you try to control everything and you really suck at it. You've exhibited very poor judgment over the years. Look what it's gotten you. Deserted. A castaway. A total joke. But you'll let people say the stupidest shit because you're so desperate and pathetic and need to feel like you still matter. You don't though. Hell, you could be making this all up in your own head for all your "followers" know. You'll say or listen to anything that makes you feel like you're getting some attention.

Someone should do you the favor of taking you out back and putting you down mercifully. Sadly, you'll probably just stick around and push your own meaningless and counterproductive agenda(s).