You’ve probably left a bunch of angry comments on Part 1, but here’s what it really boils down to...

If a straight dude wants to date a dude that identifies as a women, Fucking-A man, go for it. Same applies for women that want to date a women that identifies as a man. So on and so forth. I swear I couldn’t give 2 shits. And since you live in Portland, you really don’t have to worry about being assaulted or openly mocked for your gender or sexuality choices/identifications. I really do think that’s one of the few awesome things left about this city.

But come on, please don’t make me look at all your fucking cis/sapio-sexual/transgender/poly-whatever-the-fuck profiles on OKCupid. Jesus, I already have to wade through enough fake straight female accounts as it is. I wouldn’t even have written this shit if I wasn’t so sick of skipping through all the fake and misleading profiles that I needed a break from that shit.

The End