It was I who took the "free" book shelf up for grabs in front of someone's Sunnyside house by the curb. (Thank you very much kind neighbor!) Saw it there earlier in the day and planned on coming back with my truck to get it. When I arrived I saw your scribbled "TAKEN" note on the shelf. "Taken? But it's still here" I thought. Sorry charlie, it's first come, first serve. I can only imagine the look of disappoint and rage on your face when you showed back up to get it...if you even have yet. You probably sold all your furniture before leaving Cali, NY, or wherever to start a new life in Portlandia. Maybe that's not the case. Who knows? But you had plenty of time to get it. I loaded it up at 10:30pm. Guess your friday night festivities backfired on you. Better luck next time. I may sound like an asshole but I'm really a nice guy who rarely has good luck fortunes like this happen. PS thank you to the previous owner again!