For years I've heard the whining about the price of housing going up and during that time, the city has just sat there making vague statements about, "Oh yeah, we really need to do something about this." or "What a shame, look at all these people being pushed out, something needs to change." All the while NOTHING CHANGES. The only thing the city has done is to allow the homeless to camp wherever they want.

The city doesn't really care. Think about it: As the price of homes go up, so do property taxes... the more taxes paid, the more the government gets. New construction/development also gets hit with endless permitting fees. Why on earth would the city try to change this increase in revenue? That's right, they wouldn't. In addition to this increase in taxes and permitting fees, the city still has the gall to come to us with a "woe, is me!" about a street fee. And rest assured, more levies, measures and bonds are still to come!

They have no intention on changing anything... no rent control... nothing. People will continue to be pushed out, prices of homes will continue to rise astronomically and the city will continue to feign caring.

This so-called "Housing State of Emergency" has nothing to do with actual homeowners or renters... letting the homeless camp wherever they want will not decrease rent or the price of buying a home. It's a scam, see?