You could be at the best part of the movie. Reading the most interesting article. The most captivating part of the novel. In the middle of sending texts or emails. You could be making out with someone or more so, right about to climax. Instead of focus and concentration on such tasks, you rather let that be interrupted by someone walking by or coming into your periphery. What the fuck is wrong with you?
Do you need to check them out and judge what they're wearing? Study the lines of their face? See if you know them? It's the look that you give too, of passing judgment and of looking them right in the eye.
I guess for me, I don't like looking at people, let alone looking them in the eye, unless I'm listening to a story that someone is telling. If you have to look so intently, at least smile or say hi. Maybe compliment them if that's what your deal is. Hell, even ask them what the fuck they're wearing if that's what caught your gaze and curiosity. Otherwise, what's the fucking deal! There is no reason for you to pretend to sleep or closing your eyes then open them just to see who that was. WTF!
I think people do this because of their own insecurities for whatever they're doing. Or their own doubt for what they're saying. You know, when a conversation suddenly goes quiet when someone walks by. Heads turn around to see who it is because of the gossip. What's wrong with you people? Mind your own business. I mind mine. I don't need to look at everyone