If you're a bartender that thinks you're better than your patrons, I won't drink there. Ever. If you're a bartender that thinks you're smarter and have more power so you talk down and condescend your patrons, see ya. If you're a bartender and think you're better looking than your patrons, I'm gone. If you're a male bartender and condescend male patrons, I don't belong drinking in this establishment, especially when you favor female patrons.
Whatever your problem is, why you think you are on some kind of pedestal that patrons must bow down to you, I don't belong. It's true. I'm happy to say that's not my kind of place to be. And I'll know, one drink in if I'm staying or going.

I asked a nice other patron where is a dive bar nearby? And he said this is it. I looked around. Paid for my 6 buck rum and coke and left.