I'm sick of people. Call it misanthropy or misophonia. Call it what you will. There's too many people on the planet. Inconsiderate, hateful, self centered, disrespectful people. Don't even mentioned greedy, corrupt, or plain stupid people. I hate vain people. I hate that dude twirling his hair. I hate the shit crinkling the whatever the fuck bag he's eating behind my head. I hate my loud neighbors. I hate my loud attention seeking downstairs neighbor. I hate the loose cannon yelling and cursing to Jesus about other idiots driving like morons, biking like a gorilla, pedestrians who also bump into me because of texting or "me, me me." I hate unkind people. I hate people that judge. I hate people and how they look, and how they look at me. I hate fat entitled people. I hate broke entitled people. I hate mooching, leaching, cheapskate user friends. I hate social media whores. I hate weirdos sitting in cars. I hate shitheads wandering around at night. I hate highschool kids. I hate bully highschool kids. I hate backslapping large groups that think they're funny. I hate little drama gossip clicks. I hate the same people I see every damn day that I see too much. I hate people idling in their cars in the dark. This is just on a small level, not talking about hating some celebrities, politicians and athletes. I hate you all.
Give me rivers, birds, cats, dogs, deer, goats, crows, pigeons, mountains, canyons, water, oceans, waves, fire, rain, sky, clouds, trees, sun, moon.
P.S. I'm in the wrong place. I'm losing my mind. I care more ants and spiders than humans. Smug, thug, dumb humans. I hope I come back as a million flies.