That between Nov 21 through Jan 5, if an employee asks for any vacation time, it will not be approved due to it being the busiest time of year for "us." So don't ask for time off because we won't allow it. What a giant crock of shit? What kind of manager are you? To be so obsolete with no negotiations. The key word "us." So this applies to you too, huh, and every other tyrant working in that office we know as democracy. A good manager looks at people's schedules, works with them to even see if they wanted time off. Then start to plan who can work when and cover what shifts because someone will be gone with the vacation time they deserve for working there. God forbid they want to spend time with family, friends and loved ones in what is supposed to be a time of reflection, celebration, and joining together in spirit. I personally find the holidays bullshit anyway. But, are you going to pay people holiday pay? A good manager looks out for their employees and works together with them. But what would you know about this? I barely met you once. All you were to me was a jerk giving out orders showcasing your power. I'll bet you don't remember me. I'll bet you've never met half your employees, and have never shaken their hands or came close to saying good job team. Good job. I'm glad I'm only on-call. The choice is in my hands. I have zero obligation to you but show up to work when I say I will, work with supervisors and coworkers. I don't have to be roped into your dictatorship.