You really don't text....
I'm so tired of hearing people and how they say, "I really don't text."
Give it a rest.
And give me a break.
Get with it, already.
It's not hard. It's not difficult.
It's just the same as typing an email, but way quicker and immediate.
I'll give you that texting is sometimes way too convenient, and has made people more stupid than ever in creating sentences and actual coherent language with all the slang used.
But still.
Just text already.
But they're probably saying about me, "get a smart phone already."
The funny thing is, this person I'm thinking about in particular has a smart phone and "really doesn't text." Why'd you buy the fucking thing in the first place if you really don't want to get with the times.
I'm a dinosaur no doubt when it comes to purity and simplicity of life and technology, but come on, just text already.
Like what? Why are you so above texting? What makes texting that of scoundrels and minorities?