There's this thing happening in Portland, where more and more dudes and dudettes who look super metal, punk, motorcycle outlaw, whatever, wearing cowboy boots and hats driving square body pick ups and super merica'. They've got the vests complete with patches and American flags, and it confuses me, because I thought all these metal/punk people were anti America. There's a few bars that seem to be especially catering to them. They aren't all bad, in fact I've met a few and honestly a bunch of them I've met have been from Texas, and Tennessee, and Kentucky. Not trying to instigate the transplant convo, just interesting that we're all paying attention to California yuppies and meanwhile all these metal southerners are coming in confusing me with their bi-polar culture. Second to that, Portland really isn't very country, is it just me or should they be ditching the cowboy hats already?