The thing about yelling and cussing is people tend to think it shows how angry they are. They think it shows how much business they mean. They tend to think the more swearing is involved, and the louder the screams are, their point will come across much more clearly. They think it shows how powerful and scary they are.
I've been the one doing the yelling and cursing in the past no doubt, but immediately after, I felt like a fool. You know, "two wrongs don't make a right," "take the higher road," "don't stoop to their level," etc. It's so hard sometimes too to not let those emotions get the best of us. I couldn't understand how I got to that place of shouting. I couldn't understand, sometimes, all over where to eat. It was about being right or something stupid like that. It was about trying to prove a point to someone who doesn't listen, is clueless and dumb, or is completely irrational and illogical.
Now, just watching people when they go into fits of anger and swearing, it's just scary. Funny too. It's a good reminder how I don't want to be and feel. The more swear words and name calling someone uses, I just think it's nasty language that only people with nothing more hurtful to say can only come up with to say.
Then when seeing angry emails, texts, or typed messages, it is even more scary but hilarious. I can feel their anger. They use CAPLOCKS to emphasis words. It's actually ridiculous in typed form. JESUS CHRIST!