You went from mild mannered to full-on thug in a two month period. What happened? All I hear are the rumors that you slept with the supervisor's girlfriend, a fellow coworker. Here's the kicker...He caught you two fucking in HIS BED. A fight ensued. Luckily it was broken up by someone before one of you killed each other. The other boss found out and all three of you were ordered to take drug tests, as well as being put on administrative leave. The partying finally caught up to you, I suppose. You used to be a martini guy. Something had you sliding down a slippery slope. All three of you tested positive for marijuana, still frowned upon in in our line of work! Hmmm, I wonder how the wives of you two guys are handling all this. Selling the house now? The fate of your employment is still in limbo. I've seen them allow guys back in after attending some silly pot rehab but, but what you did, sir, along with the other two, is just ludicrous. You definitely reached some state of mythical status though.