I need some advice.
Here is the deal ~ My next door neighbor has been a tenant & employee of our landlord for almost 20 yrs. The business is construction. That's relevant because there IS a different code of behavior in the construction business than with the rest of the world. Racism, sexism, etc. are not just tolerated, they are perfectly acceptable.
The neighbor man has a wife & 3 kids ~ 2 of whom are now over 18.
My family has lived next door to these people, & shared a landlord, for the last 17 years.
i will not go into the whole history of the neurotic wife calling the cops on me for listening to music at 10 pm, at volume 5 in my bedroom, or calling the landlord because my lawn was 4 inches long ~ whilst her sister, who lived next door, was dealing drugs out of her house & we were being robbed & attacked by their pitbull. They're just fucking gross, loud people.
That's not why i am writing. i am writing because apparently loud, vocal racism & bigotry are not only acceptable here, but i get the VERY strong feeling that if i speak up to the landlord, i will be evicted. No cause, remember?
i have had to put up with my transgender roommate being screamed at & threatened to be assaulted for being an "it". When i told the landlord about this, he said that it was my roommates fault, he wasn't on the lease so he would have to move out. The LL repeatedly sent this guy onto our property to do repairs.