Finally, his niece had been living next door to his family. She was young & had a party one night. Lo & behold, she invited some black people to the party. Yes, all the kids were drinking & getting loud. The cops came. As they have to dude's house plenty of times. Yet, somehow it turned into dude threatening to beat up & shoot all the N*****'s. And my LL's response? He kicked the girl out. In our text messages he was careful ~ he said "the dark guy beat up the white girl". Which is a total fabrication. The girl is being evicted for having black people over. i've been informed that if i complain about my violent, racist, arsenal having, mentally unstable neighbor (god, guns & trump is from his fb page. And that is NOTHING compared to the real rantings!) i will be evicted. This guy is threatening to beat anyone & everyone up. all the time. Brawls in his front yard. The LL not only supports his behavior, but threatens to evict anyone who speaks against them. Is there anything that i can do? i haven't even mentioned the shit that he has pulled with me & my family. i do not feel safe living next to this person & moving is not an option, right now. WTF can i do when the LL supports this shit? We're in WA, btw. So, different laws than Or. Help!