You're such a phony. The way you pretend to be so, so, so exhausted after 5 hours of work. Just listening to you grunt and moan like your body is in such agony. From what? 5 hours of work? Really? You wear it well, though. Your painters outfit, that is. So you're a house painter, huh? Wow, tough job. Tough work, man. Being a house painter, you're doing the work of real Hard Working Americans. Yeah, you get paid by the hour so that's how you work. Real slow. You don't get paid by how much you paint so what? You probably paint 5 square feet an hour. The worst part is how you act so tired. The worst part is how you yawn as if you've been working for 10 hours. Yawn. Yawn. So tired, huh, buddy? Then you pretend to sleep. So tired, yawn, pretend to sleep. Close your eyes, yet you open them every minute to see what or who that was. How can you sleep like that? Right, how can you get any rest after being so tired, working so damn hard after 5 hours of relentless, non stop work. I feel so bad for you, little pansy baby girl. Nice cooler too.