We live in the same building and when I moved in you were very friendly and talkative, a rare thing in this city of introverts. We would talk about our days and found that we had quite a bit in common. One morning I was doing Taichi in the our building's courtyard. You live on the ground floor facing the courtyard. You decided to walk into your living room topless and since you don’t have drapes I saw everything. When you spied me you quickly covered yourself with your hands and crouched down. I was so ashamed at witnessing this that I covered my face with my hands and left the courtyard. So now the embarrassment has led to a cold report between us. We don’t talk and you treat me like a creep. And now I can’t reach that relaxed meditative Taichi state all because you you treated our building’s shared space like it was your own private backyard. Thanks alot!