I would like any of you Republicants out there to finally admit to one of three options regarding the Clintons being "criminals and traitors." Since nothing's ever been proven and they've never been "locked up," it HAS to be one of these three:

1. The Clintons are the smartest people in the entire world. Smarter than any of you or your Republicant leaders who have spent the last 25 years trying to pin something on them, and yet the Clintons still roam free.

2. The Clintons AND your Republicant leaders are in kahootz; they're in it together. It's all a game that gullible followers unknowingly play into. You're all easily led and your leaders know just how to manipulate you.

3. It's been a 25 year smear campaign that is not based in facts or reality. There's been enough shit thrown at them that it's made an impression on the simpleminded, yet NOTHING'S EVER BEEN PROVEN, NOR HAVE THEY EVER BEEN CONVICTED OF A CRIME.

If there's a 4th option, please let me know. Otherwise, it HAS to be one of the three because, again: NOTHING'S EVER BEEN PROVEN, NOR HAVE EVER THEY BEEN CONVICTED OF A CRIME. (You have to repeat yourself often when talking to Right-wingers; they're so easily distracted)

I'd LOVE to know which adventure you foul-mouthed Republicants choose.
Any takers?