I'm sure your little angel is incredible, above average, and a future Nobel Prize recipient. My parents thought so too, but after a steady of diet of honour roll and APs I still have to clean toilets and earn barely enough to tip the bartenders that ease my falling from Grace. However, under no circumstances take your little light and joy to a fucking bar or a full cafe of studying students. In this particular story dad couldn't get off his phone long enough to give a shit, mom seemed on enough Valium to completely pacify whichever town an innocent black person is murdered by police in next, and your clearly 8 to 10 year old is only placated by an arsenal of technology and stuffed animals that I cannot fathom how you schlep from otherwise quiet place to quiet place everyday. You took one of the only couches in the place, in the back room and proceeded to mostly ignore and occasionally loudly engage your energetic little genius who, in the space of a half hour, spill two drinks, move the couch a lot, whine, kick the coffee table constantly, embed an iPad, 3 stuffed animals, a blanket, and various little girl bracelets and hair things into an otherwise wonderful couch. You should have realized when the two people typing and studying on the adjacent seating left immediately upon your arrival that you were unwanted. Instead you ignored your little shit's antics and sipped coffee vacantly. Fuck you. I hope you get neighbors who are a loud metal band and love to practice at 1 am.