Not really sure where to start on this one. Simply put, I'm a bitter person because I have no faith in higher education or the Portland economy to support such an educated employment class.

I meet people and they say "yeah I'm going to PSU for my degree in Biology," or of course the "right now I'm studying philosophy, I'll find my way eventually." Just stop already. Stop going to school because it's the thing to do. Stop going to school because you believe everything is greener on the other side. Stop going to school because your parents told you it's an expectation and the only way to make something of yourself. It's bullshit. We have too many artists with MFA's running around fighting for adjunct positions at the schools that are closed indefinitely. We have a bunch of business school grads fighting over retail assistant manager jobs at fucking best buy. That is not a business degree job, call it whatever you want, it just isn't. If you have a business degree and you can't find your way into a decent business or sales oriented position, that means it's time to move and go somewhere the jobs are available. You know why we have so many transplants. It's because elsewhere people are just smarter. They understood that going to school meant fucking loans and getting a job in the adult world. If you're in school right now, and don't know what you're going to do with it, or where. Give it up. You're destined to be a bitter Portlander like the rest of us.