I visit regularly. The posts I see are confusing. I live in a bubble. I'm okay with it. I work, pay my bills, have just enough left over to enjoy some extra-curriculars. I go on my one trip a year that makes me feel like I'm not in a bubble. I'm pretty happy. No issues. People from out of state aren't worth my contemplation. My life will not change depending on the president. Construction crews repairing our streets don't irritate me.

It really sounds disgusting doesn't it. I assure you, I'm a regular person like everyone else with a normal job and relationship. I don't live in a false sense of utopia. I have normal adult issues like most people. I just seem to have found myself in a place where I don't let everything affect me so much. Why is that so difficult for so many of the posters here? Is it that you're all so bored you look for things to gripe about? Is it that I'm sheltered (though I think I'm not) and I'm confused about the real state of living?

I try to be a stoked person most of the time. Maybe that's my problem. I don't smoke pot, shit that would probably make me unreasonable. I'm a regular at a bar, I have a tight group of friends that I'm content with, I go to shows from time to time and see bands I'm interested in. It's just so damn simple.

So, what's the problem?