I have been in this city for two months and already loathe the racist misogyny, all wrapped up in whimsical white liberalism. Apparently, a few white liberal hipstertarians decided to take Trump's advice this weekend, wield their white male privilege, and forcibly hug women walking alone on the sidewalk. I shouldn't have to stop and scream, "No," much less get called ugly bitch, afterwards. And you fucking men and women walking past just staring with your doggie bags, you're also accomplices to rape culture. And for those of you voting Trump, third party, or not all, you are fucking accessories to rape culture, as well, because you condone these sorts of actions.

And, to the dude on the corner of Hawthorn Blvd and SE 35th St on Saturday night, when you say, "we'd never fuck anyway," I can guarantee that would never have happened, you misogynist piece of shit.