The fact that corporate companies are so hard up on punctuality is such bullshit. "Punctuality is the utmost importance." Oh yeah? So is my freedom! Oh yeah? Shit happens! I mean, don't clock in 5 minutes before or after your start or end time. And if you clock in 6 or 7 minutes late, that .25 hours is deducted from your pay. What a crock of fucking Betty. Watching all these people stand next to the time clock waiting for the exact minute to clock in or out is such little petty shenanigans. Then watching coworkers heat up their food before clocking out for lunch is the stuff made for tools to the system. One coworker will go buy his food before he clocks out for lunch. Come on, where's the rules for that, dumb dingus? Then when the same rules don't apply to the people on top. Screw your power, then take it and shove in your dickhole. I don't need this work like you need the work done. What's more, most of us are dicking around for hours throughout the day, walking to 7-11, taking 15 min breaks instead of 10, taking long shits or constant visits to the bathroom, and surfing our phones, facebook and texting, and talking about life. So how you gonna deal, dingus? No one's gonna care about the work being treated like shit. No one's gonna care about the job being monitored like Apple's manufacturing shop in China. But go ahead, and check up on guys like us. Wasting your time because your so fucking paranoid and insecure about your shithole life.