Ok, let's get real here. Trump is scum. Hillary is disgusting.

Voting for Trump? You're a fucking moron. Voting for Hillary? You're a rube.

A vote for Trump is the ultimate fuck you to all Americans, especially those under the age of 50. A vote for Hillary means you're really not serious about change.

Again, let's get real. If you're voting for Trump, you want to burn this country to the ground and start again. If you're voting for Hillary, you mistakenly believe that we'll be heading in the right direct by the end of her 1st term.

Republicans, your party is over. Literally and figuratively. Hit the reset button. Reject racism, xenophobia, and misogyny. Give up on the supply-side economics bullshit. Quit pretending that the 1% give a shit about you and that an extra 3 or 4% in your pocket will improve your life.

Democrats, this is your last chance. Stop pretending you're for the little guy and against war. Stop pretending that you're not in bed with Wallstreet, big business, and special interest groups. Stop pretending that you care about minorities when you exploit them.

Hillary, you've got 4 years to prove that you've been in the game for 30 years to make a real difference, not just cash in. You're way better than Trump, but you don't hold a candle to Bernie. Honor his cause. Honor our cause. If not, Trump should run again, and I'll vote for him over you in a fucking heartbeat.