Filth vs. Filthy


"I've started behaving WAY more badly than you, in hopes this will make everyone gang up on you and force you to stop behaving badly." Sounds like a winning strategy, IA!
Wow! Ok this is relevant, I swear. Last night I overheard this slurred possible haiku sent with divine inspiration through the mouth of dirty drunkard:

my ass smells like ass,
when I go out in the world
but, it's a trade-off

I wrote it down it was so inspirational. sublime, I think, although some would beg to differ.
You could also try and find some squirrel roadkill and toss that in the bowl first before you deuce out. Prior to that, buy and eat about $13 worth of Taco Bell from the Dollar Menu, and let her rip on top of the dead squirrel. If that doesn't get their attention, nothing will.

Well, you could tell them straight to their face, but that would be sooo NOT Portland.
I think I've seen your previous I/Anonie post, I defs remember a post about skidding.

Let me get this straight, you're going to beat them by become way worse and terrorizing your office in a way that could warrant unemployment? If that's the case then no movement is going to form to stop them, it'll probably be to stop YOU.

Why don't you just tell them straight up instead of trying to manipulate your coworkers into doing it for you?
I'd give up. Change genders and then use that bathroom.
Thank you for reminding me why I work at home.