I work in the service industry and get to see first hand not only the disgusting, piggy and disrespectful nature of humans, but also that harsh reality of the true nature of life. The amount of consumption and waste that I see created by these groups and events is just disgusting and depressing. The amount of coffee cups discarded, some with coffee or tea still in it, is crazy. I don't even work at a coffee shop. Then think about all the other coffee places in the world, times that by millions of people, times that by all the millions of resources needed to manufacture all these cups, and there you have it. That's just cups. Look at everything else we buy in this world. Never mind emptying the contents into the sink. Never mind even recycling. Remember recycling 101? That's okay, it is public spaces, so who cares? Someone else will do it for me. Everyone else is doing it, so I'll follow along. I can just imagine those people at the garbage facility and them trying to pick out the aluminum cans someone didn't recycle. Global warming is so 2005. Yes, way to devolve and uneducate yourself, people. You are "take life for granted adults" that are the most clueless and irresponsible dimwits ever. It wont be I told you so because it will plainly just be, that's what you did, and that's what you are causing, you lazy, careless human.