I don't even work at the Moda or Convention Center. I can only imagine. I try to do my part. I bring my own bags to shopping and tell restaurants I have my own bag for take out. I give back envelopes my paychecks come in. Or the plastic bag they gave me for beads. Then there's always people who require paper or plastic bags. Then seconds later that bag is in the trash or in the gutter. Beautiful. How can you tell people to do what they already know but are that lazy and naive to not do it? You people can't even turn off the lights. I remember coming into the kitchen one morning to find food, and milk on the table, when the youth had a sleepover. No one was around. I bet they're thinking someone else will do it. Sad. By the way we all hate you and talk trash and make fun of you all the time while we are working.