So you're jokes are condescending, disrespectful, sexist and racist. That's what all jokes are. HaHa. Your jokes are an insult to what being funny is supposed to be. You're not even a comedian. Sorry I'm getting sidetracked. This isn't about someone trying to be a comedian. You're just a bully picking on people. You think you know it all and have life figured out at 24. Yet you still live a home with mommy making your lunches. You told me of your parents divorce and your dad being a dick and a ass. That's kinda funny being a dick and an ass, what about being a pussy? So you make a joke because someone has parked in YOUR stall, and that our coworker did it when the lot is just full. But it's basically putting him down, barely funny and comes off quite awkward. I still hear it, "why did you park in my stall," in that stupid manly tone. Me and another coworker looked at each other. Then you started to go into another gutbuster, why is he wearing khakis. I walked away. So you know, you can't mess with me. I'm punchy. I'll hit harder. You ask me what time I'm working to and I say 7. Then I add in the morning. Look out, here's the hissy fit. "Come on dude, don't play," were your words. Talk about not being able to take what you try to dish out. Remember we already got into it big time about you trying to tell me how to do my job, and how you always take lunch last. You are your dad dude. I feel sorry for girls and the one that'll marry you because she thinks you're a sexy boy..