I've been waiting for years for John McCain to finally apologize to the American people for introducing us to the train-wreck that was Sarah Palin. Not once, has he ever indicated regret for bringing her onto the national stage to inflict her brand of down-home, folksy Republican tripe. Sure, she's sorta faded away, but for years she simply tormented to country with her job-quitting, gotcha-questioning, illogical and bumper sticker spouting ways.


Now, we get the Trump family. We get his American Psycho sons, he's plagiarizing wife and we get him: The Donald. Yes, we can expect and look forward to years and years of the Trump family on the national scene... Trump T.V. and whatnot. We get to listen to the Breitbart conspiracy theories, the Roger Ailes news format, the billionaire point of view and the unfounded, fact-less Donald Trump opinion machine. GREAT.

Somebody really owes us an apology.