I'm a Republican and I'm a very, very emotional person. I vote on my feelings and fear rather than logic and reason. Although if you saw me on the street you might think I'm this big, burly guy driving a big, burly truck with a "TRUMP 2016" and "Official Terrorist Hunting Permit," and, of course, my "I Stand with the NRA" stickers, but inside I'm a little, little man.

Here are some of the things I fear:

Women: Because they remind me of my sexual inadequacies.
Gays: Because they give me thoughts that I cannot face.
Illegal Immigrants: Because they're "others" and I fear anyone who isn't like me.
African-Americans: Well, I mean... c'mon.
Sex: Because it makes me uncomfortable being so close to another human being.
Burglars: Because they're everywhere, hence my many, many guns.
Terrorists: " "
Trans-gendered folks: If god wanted you to be a man... well, you get the rest.

I'm a'scared of all these things and will continue to vote based on my fears.