Anonymous Oct 30, 2016 at 11:08 am


You don't have to vote for them in the primaries, FYI, but you'd damn well better vote for Hillary in the general. It's a goddamn slog to get a candidate with enough national support to win a major party primary, and most hippies aren't up to the task. We got close with Bernie, but look what happened as soon as he lost - everyone is whining, pooping their diapers, and casting worthless protest votes that elevate the risk of a Trump presidency rather than following Bernie's lead and continuing the long, hard work of actually pushing government and policy to the left. So why should we take whiny, lazy babies like that seriously?
please don't ignore the democrats' role in creating trump. the "basket of deplorables" have legitimate grievances which democrats have ignored for generations. their rage had to go somewhere. consider the acceptable slurs for demographic groups. actually, there are none except for those applicable to poor whites. use a word like redneck, hillbilly or white trash and you are more likely to get a chuckle than condemnation.

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