Anonymous Nov 2, 2016 at 1:23 am


In LA, it's simply networking (hey, you know so-and-so?) or a conversation starter. People in Portland name drop breweries, restaurants they have tried, indie clothing brands, hiking trails, etc., and it's the exact same thing. People in New York talk about their favorite spots near the corner of one numbered street and one numbered avenue. Again, the exact same thing. It's just the common linguistic currency in any given location based on the common denominator of any city's culture. You just have a problem with it because it's celebrities rather than something else, and you feel like it makes you cool to bash celebrity culture. Good for you, but that's one of the most uninteresting and unoriginal takes on LA people I have ever heard for the billionth time.
I'm gonna agree with FlavioSuave here. Everyone name drops to show that they're well connected and to an extent, it works. If you said that you had a coffee with Paul Rudd I would probably ask you more about it, and that's a good way to hook me into a conversation.

And then you unnecessarily threw in a stereotype about people from LA loving cocaine even though you started by saying that complaining about transplants is played out. It's like the devil is trying to play devil's advocate.

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