To me, the biggest turn off for a personality is a bad attitude. It's that sort of tap your feet, snap your fingers, shake your head back and forth like a snake attitude that makes anyone so, so, so ugly. It's the total, you are king/queen, and I bow down to you. You're right. I'm wrong and stupid. Usually it comes along with hatred towards everything and overwhelming pessimism and cynicism towards everything too. It's definitely a drag to listen to someone with nothing positive to say and complains all the time, but add to that, the I owe you, you're a diva attitude, gestures included, and I'll want to gouge my eyes out. Cynicisms okay too because that can be satire and satire is funny. But these divas aren't funny. They're just mad and hot tempered holes of negativity. The only place they belong is on a Maury Povich show. It's how you carry yourself.
So I'm on a lunch sitting down in the office, but you don't know that. You start mouthing something I can't hear then hear comes the attitude stance, hands on hips, one foot slightly forward. All because you are too stupid to work the cash machine. I go out, ask what's the problem, to your attitude, and tell you I'm on a lunch. That changed you right around huh? Be nice. Next time, I wont help.