I voted yes on 97 even though it's not perfect. Whenever there are corporations spending millions of dollars to "educate" us on an issue, it's probably because they stand to lose something.

I also find it funny how this 97 debate turned into a so-called "sales tax." In a perfect world. the corporations would be responsible players and pay their own damn taxes themselves, but no. They have to threaten us by saying: "Ooo… look at the big, bad government! If they make us pay more in taxes, we'll be forced to make you pay it! Oh sure, we could pay it ourselves and have our CEO's earn a few million less a year, but that's not an option!"

I don't like it when corporations threaten me, so fuck them. If they want to raise the price of their Chinese-made, factory farmed or heavily processed crap, then so be it.

I wish the average property owner had the power to threaten their neighbors to foot their tax bill:

*Knocks on door

"Hi neighbor, I just got a notice saying that my property tax will go up if this measure passes. If you look on my lawn, you'll see that I've invested thousands of dollars in signs, banners and a billboard to threaten you into voting no. If it passes, hell if I'm going to be responsible for my own bills, I'll make you and all the other neighbors pay for it. I know, I know, this makes me seem like a huge asshole... sorry. Vote NO!"

Isn't capitalism grand?