I'm a little crazy about this; maybe because it's awfully unavoidable: like many readers, I love burgers, I love to eat out, I'm an omnivore with a predominantly carnivorous diet, I tried vegetarianism and it wasn't for me... but for the love of God and our planet and its people please chefs & restaurateurs please stop serving 1/2 pound hamburger patties! It's a disgusting amount of ground beef—especially when topped with bacon, cheese, onion rings, bacon jam, fried eggs, ham, condiments, pulled pork, etc.

For a standout bistro/brewpub/blurcollar-but-really-bourgie burger a 1/3 pound patty is a significantly better portion size. And while 8 ounces vs 5.333 may seem insignificant, when you add those missing 2.666 ounces up over & over & over & over they equate to significantly fewer dead bovine, and fewer dead bovine is a good thing, as is fewer calories and less saturated fat. So start being a better chef/restaurateur, and a better person, and stop serving 1/2 pound hamburger patties!