I've travelled to many countries during my short life, and I have a requirement for anyone who even thinks about dating me: You must have travelled.

I don't care if you're attractive, if you're successful, if you love dogs, cats, kids, are fit, are funny, are charming, witty, intelligent or sexy. You MUST have travelled.

See, as a white person, I want to date someone who has experienced other cultures, someone who as seen the world. I want my partner to be somebody who can have perspective on our privilege as white Americans. That way, we can acknowledge what we have and maybe have a bit of humility.

This isn't to say that I don't want that $500,000+ house in what once was a minority neighborhood. This isn't to say that I don't want that luxury SUV in which we can someday drive our little angels to private school. I still want to shop at Whole Foods, eat at the finest of boutique restaurants, pay someone to mow my lawn, buy the finest dinnerware, wear the most expensive sweatshop-free clothing. I want all of that. And I won't hesitate to call the city about the holdouts on my block who have lived there for generations, simply because I don't like the way they keep their yard.

What I also want is to know that you've travelled. It's a requirement.

If you want me, and everything that that entails... you must have travelled!