The average Trump supporter is in complete lock-step with their dear leader. He's said, and admitted to, many things that a moral person might find despicable. Not the average Trump supporter.

From dodging the draft, to cheating small businesses out of money they were owed for work done, to saying he'd ban an entire religion (how Constitutional!) while the crowd cheers, saying he'd impose a "Papers, Please" policy in predominately African-American communities, cheating on his wives, calling Mexicans rapists and murderers, propagating the "Birther" movement, not releasing his taxes, to admitting to sexually assaulting women... he's said a lot that would cause a normal, clear-thinking person to simply walk away.

How far can this guy go? I wonder... could he actually propose an idea for the creation of internment camps for Muslims?

Seriously, think about it: If Dear Leader Trump actually proposed this idea, do you think he'd lose any votes? How many of his supporters would finally say he's gone too far?

I mean, it seems like he can say and do no wrong with his supporters, for he is their "voice." Right-wingers are in lock-step with him, and I honestly can't see that the idea of internment camps for Muslims changing the mind of many of his supporters.

How fucking scary is that?