I'm truly sorry for the couple of nice families in my neighborhood that will get priced out of their rentals. But that's it. I'm over the fucktards that destroy their own neighborhood. Good riddance to you assholes. Trashy couples screaming at each other in the middle of the road. I hear there are great counselors in Sandy. Dead beat, verbally abusive dad who sells stolen car batteries in the middle of the night. DHS is watching. People living, shitting and pissing in the park. Try Dignity Village, they have toilets. Broken down car collector dudes. Schnitzer pays by the pound. Scrap metal tweakers. My porch furniture WILL be safe again. Gang bangers. Cops are coming. Taggers. Plenty of blank walls in Wilsonville. Homeless drunks living in broken down RVs surrounded by garbage. Speed's Towing can fix that. Rat attracting hoarders. The Pied Piper is headed to Gresham. Fast and Furious posers racing around doing burnouts. Cat collectors please make a drop off at the Humane Society on your way out of town. Hell, I'll even take a cat. Just GO!