Since when did some libraries become playgrounds and a place for them future doctors and lawyers to be babysat? Forget peace and quiet to study, read, and concentrate. Because here's mommy trying to contain her at least 2 kids to sit at the table to play on their games. Then here's daddy talking in his loud boastful voice you can hear in this entire library he's got to go to the bathroom so baby Jane stay right there okay. First, why aren't these kids in school? Too expensive? Parents don't agree with PPS? Lead in the water? Toxic chemicals in the air? Parents home school to raise children the right way? Next, why the fuck you gonna leave your kid unsupervised when you go to the bathroom?

Lines, lines, everywhere a line. Lines at the grocery store. Lines at the dmv. Lines for the restaurant. Lines for the bank. Lines for the inconvenient store. So why lady? Why you gotta talk to the bank teller? Talk and ramble. About what you had for dinner last night. About you're having for dinner tonight. About what was on tv last night. Come on already, some of us people actually have shit to do.