Quit your whining already. It's over and Trump won. We need to stand tall and take the higher ground. Let us not be whiny little children and start yelling that, "The system is rigged!" like a certain someone we all know.

Clinton won the popular vote, but Trump won the electoral college... so be it. Let the Right-wingers gloat, as they are already doing. Let them "rub it in" and tell us "they told us so!". Let them act like children.

Now they are in power, and with that comes accountability. When these white nationalists don't see their lots in life improve and maybe even get worse; when they lose their healthcare, their jobs, their homes... they can only blame their own party. We all survived 9/11 and the Bush Great Depression (which both happened under the last Republican president) and we all survive this.

But hey, we were all wrong about Trump from day one, so maybe there's a chance we're wrong about what he'll do in office. Maybe he will bring back jobs (a nice gesture would be starting with his own Chinese-made merchandise), maybe make us safer, lower our taxes... blah, blah, blah. Who knows?

Either way, take comfort in the fact that we live in a blue city in a blue state. We'll all be relatively safe here. Funny, the people who will be most negatively affected by the policies he enacts will be the people in the states that voted for him. Kind of ironic, ain't it?