I didn't vote for either. It seems like a dream. I'm not surprised though. He may be one of the only ones that has ever said exactly what was on his mind. Controversial and inconceivable as those words were, they may be exactly what millions of others were maybe thinking, or what millions of others were saying. That's what makes it more real. Furthermore, we don't know shit. We don't know what any of these people think, what they say when they wake up in the morning, or what they say behind closed doors. We just get the public image and allegations of all the dirt. Everyone has dirt. I also don't think millions of people wanted another elite, untouchable politician, who may have been deceptive, and whose husband was a former president that lied to people, to be in charge. I don't know. Maybe this country just wanted more "Jesse the Body's," and "Tamanators" to be leaders. After all, this country is millions and millions of people that love watching reality TV.